24 Hours: Grenada


My friend Sean (read this post first) has recently left the beautiful island of Grenada and returned to North America, but not before sharing his ideal itinerary for exploring his home for the last two years, in 24 hours:

If you happen to only have 24 hours in Grenada, pack your bag and bring plenty of water! It’s time for some great excursions.

Begin your day bright and early by filling your stomach at Le Papillon, French Creole Café. This is located near Spiceland Mall, just steps away from Grand Anse Beach. Be sure to bring a strong appetite game!

Treat your food coma by walking over to Grand Anse beach and spending a few hours soaking in the sun and the white sands. As you arrive at the beach, walk towards the right for approximately 15 minutes to reach Esther’s where you can enjoy a refreshing mojito!

Honeycomb Ice Cream from Le Papillion
Honeycomb Ice Cream from Le Papillion

Now it’s time to explore the island. Take the 1 bus from the beach, if you want a more local experience, or stop at one of the many honking taxis to bring you right into St. George’s City, which is the largest city on the island. Be sure to walk up to Fort George for breathtaking views of the island! If you are there on a Saturday, both the fish market and the vegetable market are bustling. At the market, you will find every spice imaginable. If you are a fan of hot sauce, this is the place to be as there are many locally made sauces that make perfect souvenirs and gifts for friends. Peruse the small streets and find your way to St. John’s street to have a delicious roti for lunch at the hidden gem, Country Kitchen.

If you are more of the adventure/nature type, book a trip with Get Up ‘n’ Go Tours Grenada or call a cab to take you to the Seven Sisters Falls. At the falls, a guide will educate you on all the locally grown spices and herbs and take you through the luscious trails. It is about an hour hike to get to the falls. The guide will let you know whether it is a good day to jump off the falls, if you are willing. Be careful, some days the water is too shallow and they will tell you not to do it. It is an exhilarating 35 feet of excitement!

Seven Sisters Falls

For those of you who enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling, be sure to check out the underwater sculpture park. For scuba divers, there are many exciting dives available through Aquanauts Grenada.

Depending on what day and time of year you are on the island, there are certain things not to miss. On Friday nights, be sure to get to Fish Friday in the Gouyave parish, home of Olympic gold medalist Kyrani James. Fish Friday is the Grenadian version of the food truck. On Friday nights, multiple vendors set up shop in the streets. Socca music rebounds off the building walls as everyone enjoys fresh fried fish cakes, a Carib or Stag (local beers), and time with family and friends. Other food options are available, which include lambie waters, a local dish that is essentially lambie (conch) soup, vegetarian options, and some meat as well.


If you are on the island in the months of May – July, the evenings are perfect times to go to Levara Beach and watch giant turtles lay their eggs. Dexter’s cab can organize everything for you. At the beach, they have a small turtle museum where you will learn all about the process of how the turtles get to Grenada, lay the eggs, and the hatching process that occurs later in August-October. Guides will accompany you to the beach and ensure that the turtles do not get scared. You may be in for a long night depending on how many turtles are on the beach that evening and how ready the female is to lay her eggs.

End your night in Lance Aux Epines at the West Indies Beer company, which is a local microbrewery serving a range of beers and ciders.

I’m going to miss this paradise I’ve called home for the last 2 years. I’m sure the next time I return, my Grenadian experience will be totally different and my top 5 restaurants and the things to do in 24 hours will change drastically again. For now, enjoy the sand, the sun, the clear waters, and the friendly faces. While in Grenada, put your watch away and take on Caribbean time and enjoy things in slow motion with a laugh and a smile!

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