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Law school was one of the most challenging experiences I’ve ever had in my life. As a Millenial, the dream of being able to “do anything if I just set my mind to it” was shattered within a few short weeks.

However, I found refuge in building Chu on This, a personal blog to document any remotely exciting food experience I had, even if it was just making gloopy gnocchi with ingredients I bought from the cafeteria in my tiny law school dorm room. I was able to get through the gruelling memos, essays, competitions and exams knowing that I had a place where I could do some creative writing, share a few photos, and keep myself accountable to all those trips and things I wanted to do (hence the Life List!) with my non-law school friends and family.

When I started practicing law (apparently being a lawyer is also hard) I realized I needed Chu on This as an outlet even more. The thing was, I wasn’t the only one. Soon, I was also writing my blog for other lawyers and young professionals who needed to find the perfect restaurant for their client lunches, come up with travel itineraries that included authentic food and experiences, discover local speciality ingredients and supper clubs, and decide on whether they might want to buy Le Creuset Canada’s latest minimalist bowls, sprinkling in a few whimsical illustrations here and there as well!

At first, I started making illustrated cards for my close friends and coworkers during the holiday season because I never found the perfect cards in conventional stores. Overtime, at the encouragement of my friends and followers, I took another leap and launched an adjacent creative venture in the form of Chu on This Studio, an online shop for hand-illustrated cards and gifts.

Today, I work as a Professional Development Lawyer at a not-for-profit organization, where I team up with lawyers and judges to train other lawyers in advocacy skills and help them improve and enjoy the work they do. In many ways, I credit Chu on This for helping me design a life where I am lucky enough to do a little of everything I love: law, education, and the pursuit of plenty of creativity.

I hope to continue to learn and grow as I explore more of the world and its culinary culture, and share all of the wonderful sustainable, authentic food and travel experiences I find with you.

First time here? If you’re interested in my “food philosophy”, you may want to check out A Cultural Explanation for Why You Can’t Cook, my take on finding “authentic” food, and my thoughts on the food portrayed in Crazy Rich Asians. Or, if you’re looking for some practical content, check out my travel guides and Toronto Restaurant Guide. If you want to learn more or contact me, check out my FAQ, Press and Contact pages, respectively.

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Annie Chu

Chu on This was honoured to be shortlisted for the Taste Canada Awards 2017.