About Annie

My Life in a Nutshell

Born in Taipei, raised in Vancouver, and having lived in Ottawa, Lyon, Beijing, Victoria and Toronto, I developed an informal but strong sense of culinary appreciation from a young age. My formal education in International Studies, Modern Languages and Law taught me how to translate these experiences into the written form. Currently, I work as a lawyer in Downtown Toronto practicing civil litigation, family law and, largely because of Chu on This, also represent clients in the food industry. I also devote a large part of my life to my work with Rotary International.

How it All Began

What started out as a simple project back in 2007 to document my undergraduate life musings and my exchange year to France soon turned into a full-fledged food and travel blog in 2010, largely based around checking things off my Life List. I have modified Chu on This a few times over the years, but the biggest change this time around is a giant step away from reviews and event coverage and a move towards in-depth stories about truly unique or memorable dining experiences and the people and places behind them in Toronto and around the world.

My Food Philosophy

Whether I’m in a restaurant, street stall or grocery store, I always think about my food by acknowledging the cultural roots from which it originated. Even a cheeseburger or smoked meat sandwich has a cultural story which informs how we judge it on its subjective and objective merits, while also keeping our own food biases in mind. I am grateful for not having any dietary restrictions, which means I will try almost anything once, unless there is a strong ethical reason against doing so. I will always choose whatever is grown and sourced as locally as possible, unless it happens to be from Italy or Japan (the two countries most responsible for my indulgences and delights).

The Chu Crew

Though I create almost all the content for this site, I couldn’t do it without the dedicated “Chu Crew”—my friends and family who have been there to support this site from the very beginning or have inadvertently signed on along the way. Whether it’s providing a second opinion at a restaurant, helping me execute elaborate travel plans, or getting behind the lens from time to time, I am incredibly grateful for these guys. You’ll see them mentioned throughout the site, and maybe even meet them at one of my events.

I hope that you will find this to be a comfortable and thoughtful space to reflect, and share your own thoughts on culinary culture. Welcome, and thanks again for stopping by!


Chu on This is honoured to be shortlisted for the Taste Canada Awards 2017.