Chicago: A Bang Bang Pie Shop Story

For those of you who stumbled onto this post because you want to know more about pie, you’ll certainly get that. On the other hand, for those of you who want to know more about my wacky life, grab yourself a cup of coffee and prepare of a slice of Annie Chu too.

I should begin by telling you that I love coincidences.

Louisa Chu is one of Chicago’s most well-known food bloggers. In fact, she was a food blogger before food blogging was a thing. She is particularly well-known for being one of Anthony Bourdain’s good friends and has even appeared on his show No Reservations. It was through this video that I was first introduced to Chicago’s food scene, and to Louisa.

Annie Chu is one of the former creative geniuses behind Paper Source’s craft department. Today, she has an awesome career as a freelance craft designer, workshop instructor and party planner. I first came across Annie when it was evident that someone had beat me to the punch at owning

Any of this sound familiar? Other than the fact that Annie and I share the exact same name, both of these women pretty much do all that I want to do in life. So when Annie messaged me out of the blue on Pinterest because she was amused that we both liked many of the same pins, I had a sudden realization that a) this was that Annie Chu b) she was Louisa Chu’s sister and c) they both lived in Chicago. Naturally, #MindBlown.

Coincidentally, Andrea and I had just purchased tickets to Chicago. We all agreed that this was too good of a meet-up opportunity to pass up. And took the Chicago Chus’ recommendation that Bang Bang was the perfect place to meet.


While it may be hard to find, once you find it, you may just stay forever. The sleek iPad order system provided a very charming contrast to the hilariously battered pot that their candied bacon (yes, candied bacon!) was offered in. Looking up at the chalkboard, you will see a limited but unapologetic selection of beverages to choose from, including iced coffee, hot coffee or lemonade. Cold beverages on tap, to boot.


Other than their famous plum pie, their chocolate pecan pie (above) is also a decadent hit. You can always guarantee that they will have a few good seasonal selections for you to drool over. 

Speaking of drool, how ‘bout these biscuits? If you prefer, you can order a biscuit with a nice slab of ham. Unfortunately, Louisa was unable to join us at the last minute, but Kiba (Louisa and Annie’s dog) was a welcome fourth guest and devoured this bit in a second. 

As if there wasn’t already enough butter in this rich doughy treat, Bang Bang also has a very generous seasonal butter and jam bar.

This was an amazing little place and I can see why Louisa calls it her Thirdspace. More importantly, it was great to connect with Chicago’s Annie Chu and experience the kind of food and company that you could never find on the Mag Mile. 

Getting There: There are two locations, but we visited the one in Logan Square, Chicago. It’s a little out of the way from the Magnificent Mile and all the downtown sites, but if you have a car (or a few days in town) it’s worth the visit. 

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