Brodflour: Toronto’s Cozy Scandinavian Bakery

Brodflour Cardi B

It probably didn’t come as a surprise to anyone that in the midst of a global pandemic, many of us immediately turned to bread as a source of comfort. I too, have jumped on the sourdough train, engaging in daily battles with my “little starter that could”. In addition to accepting just how bad of a baker I am, I have also gained an immense appreciation for all the great loaves of bread that professional bakers create every day. Which is why I am sharing this little piece about Brodflour, a very special Toronto bakery.

Brodlfour interior design
Brodlfour Cinnamon Roll

The name of the bakery combines the word “flour” with the Scandinavian word for bread (which is “brod”, though DW would mention it is actually “brød” in Danish and Norwegian and “bröd” in Swedish). Their concept: high quality Canadian ingredients featuring Scandinavian methods and design. Unlike your run-of-the-mill bakery (pun intended), Brodflour sources their heritage and ancient grains from small Canadian farmers, and produces their own flour with their on-site mill. They use all of the flour they mill within 24 hours either in their own bread, or ship some off to their partner restaurants. If you’re interested in baking your own bread, they have also been selling flour for pickup in store and delivery online (and even more so now in Lockdown Era).

Brodflour’s artisanal sourdough and rye are the main focus of their pegboard display shelves. However, they also convert these delicious breads into even more amazing sandwiches. Think seeded “bird bun” with smoked salmon, a generous helping of Monforte Dairy cream cheese, capers, tomato and red onion (pictured below). For an afternoon coffee and snack (or “fika”), there is nothing more iconically Scandinavian than having a cinnamon roll or cardamon knot (which they named “Cardi B” for kicks, also pictured below). Their challah and baguettes are also worth noting. Unlike a traditional grocery store loaf, you will likely still enjoy the fresh loaf for days thanks to the high hydration level and minimal processing.

Brodflour Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Cardamom knot from Brodlfour Cardi B

While many patrons choose to drop by and grab a loaf to go, Brodflour is a very cozy place to enjoy an afternoon coffee or light meal with friends (in “Normal Times”). If you’re in the mood for a speciality coffee, you couldn’t do better than their “Brod Latte” ($5.10), a delightful espresso-based beverage made with cardamom and oat milk. The shelves are also stocked with plenty of coffee for purchase (formerly from 49th Parallel Coffee, and now from Detour Coffee Roasters).

Brodflour coffee machine.

Final Notes

Whether you want to source some artisanal flour to continue baking at home, or (safely) venture outside to have a socially-distant light meal, Brodflour is a great Toronto business to support and love.

You should come here if: you appreciate good quality bread (and don’t mind shelling out a little more for quality), and a modern Scandinavian design aesthetic.
You should not come here if: you need to have guaranteed seating, you’re looking for a fulsome brunch spread or gluten-free options.

Location: 8 Pardee Ave., Toronto, ON (Liberty Village)
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