Ottawa: Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse

When you work in Centretown/Downtown Ottawa, it’s always exciting to hear about a new lunch spot opening up in the neighbourhood. For a visit with my former colleagues, Grounded Kitchen and Coffeehouse was the perfect choice (thank you Holly!).
They have lots of fresh sandwiches and panini to choose from ($8.50 each), in addition to a rotating selection of soups and salads. The two sandwiches that I tried (I had half of each, by forcing Holly to share with me) were both really nice. The Fu Manchu (although slightly racist, but kind of punny given my name) was one of the specials of the day and was engineered with some juicy roast chicken, dried figs, and swiss cheese. Although I would have preferred fresh figs, the combination is a classic. 
The other sandwich that Holly, Brett and Nic ordered was the Sweet and Smokey, a sandwich with turkey, brie, pear, arugula and cider vinaigrette. I didn’t find it that sweet or smokey, but it was very delicious. I mean, talk about a fail-proof sandwich! (I’m glad I forced her to go #sharesies). Jen’s California Club and Jaime’s Mediterranean Chicken looked great too.
A side salad or soup can easily be added to round out your meal for $2.00. The Green and Gold was a popular selection for our group and while I would have preferred a roasted beet, and thought that the dressy was a bit watery, I think it was pretty decent as far as lunch side salads go.
You know what’s really cool about this place though? It’s kind of everything you need in a lunch hour. In addition to the sandwiches, this place also has a nice fresh selection of delectable desserts, including some amazing gluten-free options. We had a generous sample of the brownie and it kind of knocked my socks off. 
Or, if you’re feeling boozy, this place is licensed to serve a wide selection of fairly unique wines and beers that will help provide some interest to your standard lunch time conversation, guaranteed.
Most importantly, this place has a great environment. Even though I was really happy to see my friends,  I am quite certain that our awesome table made from repurposed wood and barrels and brass and glass (and who knows what else!) definitely contributed to the conversation. 
Final Note: Most of you are probably reading this post at about 11:00 AM in your office on Laurier or Gloucester or the surrounding area and thinking about whether or not you should give this place a try. My recommendation? Definitely!
Location: 100 Gloucester St., Ottawa (Centretown/Downtown)

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