New Orleans: Johnny’s Po Boys

Today, you can find po-boys in pretty much every restaurant you go to, even some of the formal dining establishments. However, after trying a few different places, I have to say, Johnny’s really is the best. The line starts forming for lunch well before noon and yet, the flow of traffic is well managed. Everyone is very courteous, as they know we’re all here for the same thing. The po-boys range anywhere from $10-$17, depending on the protein, and you can choose to have them “dressed” for 60 cents extra.

Now, I think it’s pretty hilarious how mayo, lettuce and tomato constitute a “dressed” sandwich, but it is true that many people are fine with simply some meat in a bun and don’t want to pay for the “fancy fixin’s”. Andrea and I each ordered one of the specials of the day, which was a half shrimp po-boy with a cup of gumbo and a fountain drink ($11.95), and then shared a side of fries ($1.50). We were glad we did, because Krishna’s full-sized shrimp po-boy looked like it could have turned around and eaten him! It was nuts.

As a tip, if you’re not ravenous, sharing a po-boy with someone is more than enough food, at least at this place. Especially if you get a side order of fries, which were hands down the best fries I ate in that city. And in most places, to be honest.

Final Notes: Some po-boys are less than awesome (sorry Howlin’ Wolf) but some are a bit more than awesome, and Johnny’s holds that reputation proudly. I’m updating this post on February 17, 2015 and it still goes down as one of the fondest food memories I’ve ever had. I chose today to re-post this entry because I just had a rare occasion to have dinner with both Andrea and Krishna in Toronto and thought Mardi Gras would be a good time to bring New Orleans back!

Location: 511 St Louis St, New Orleans, LA

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