Ottawa: Les Brasseurs du Temps

Burger P’tit Chicago au boeuf ($16) (Little Chicago beef burger)
While my parents were visiting Toronto, we also stopped over in Ottawa for two days, and I couldn’t let them leave without heading over the bridge with Tessa to try some of Les Brasseurs du Temps famous poutines! And of course, BDT is more well known for their impressive and extensive collection of locally brewed beers. Many of them are brewed in house! 
Actually, the first time that we ever came to this restaurant actually was for an academic purpose, when Eric wanted to do some research for a paper and presentation on Canada’s prohibition era. Well, turns out this restaurant not only has a regular seating area, a patio, a brewery, a lounge with live performances, but also a beer museum! Pretty much everything you could ask for. And separate French and English menus, if that means anything to you. We ate well, were further rendered happier by the beer selection, and also learned many things about beer in Canada that we never knew!
Burger Coureur des bois au cerf ($17) (deer burger)
Poutine au porc boréal BDT (BDT poutine with pork and their signature sauce) ($8/14)
Positives: As listed above, there is pretty much everything that you could want in a restaurant that is both casual and yet nice enough to celebrate a special event at. It is only a short drive from Downtown Ottawa and has great lunch, tapas and dinner options. Well portioned and fresh local ingredients, including some interesting meats that you couldn’t get at your average beer and burger joint.

Negatives: I have very few complaints about this place, it was really great. However, on two technical notes for this particular experience, the salad that was served with the bison burger was left on a heated plate for just a few minutes too long and was rendered quite mushy as a result. Also, they have a very interesting poutine selection, and the ones that we had was definitely good, but there was no “safe” option so, don’t go expecting a regular homey poutine experience. (Note: the first time that I came, I ordered a foie gras poutine to accompany my burger and even though it almost sent me into cardiac arrest, it was delicious! I couldn’t find it on this new menu, but I could have just missed it.)

Final Note: If you live in Ottawa or Gatineau, you need to go to this place! Especially so if you’ve never crossed the bridge and experienced something very “Quebecois” without actually venturing too far. I will definitely try to go back another time and perhaps check out their live music!

Location: 170 Rue Montcalm, Gatineau, QC J8X 2M2 

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