Quarantine Food Bingo

What a time it has been over the last few weeks. While most of us are feeling helpless in quarantine (or self-isolation), we can turn to shared virtual experiences to help hold us together. I have been finding that doing little creative and productive projects has been an ideal way for me to combat my nervous energy. Cooking, baking and painting have been in constant rotation. The cumulation of all the above: my Quarantine Food Bingo!

So far, I’ve managed to organize my pantry, make budaejjigae, sharpen my knives, and make a giant vat of bone broth. I haven’t been brave enough to venture into the world of Dalgona coffee and sourdough starter yet, but I sense it is only a matter of time before it becomes inevitable.

My go-to evening routine for the last couple of days has been to make a cup of camomile tea and play a little jazz music while I doodle and edit my food illustrations. Needless to say, this Quarantine Food Bingo has really been a labour of love, so if you get a kick out of it, I would so appreciate if you share your progress with me and others! We could all use a little more connection right about now.

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