Toronto Restaurant Guide

If you’re looking for a carefully curated collection of Toronto restaurant guides, you have come to the right place. These lists are vetted and updated as frequently as possible, and sorted by categories that you are actually looking for. Contact me with any tips, questions or suggestions!

Italian lamb

For a Nice Dinner

These Toronto restaurants are upscale birthday party, impress the in-laws, and third date approved. View the Toronto’s Best Fine Dining Restaurants List.

For a Cup of Coffee

All my favourite coffee shops and cafés in Toronto for all your morning commute, afternoon work session, and blissful socialization needs. Check out my Toronto’s Best Cafés and Coffeeshops List.

For a Fun Dinner

These are the kinds of restaurants where you want to food to be good, but the vibe is key. Check out the Toronto’s Best Fun Restaurants List.

For a Bar with Good Food

I don’t know about you, but I am not interested in going to a bar if there isn’t at least something good on the food menu to look forward to. This is the Toronto Bars with Good Food List you’ve been looking for.

For Brunch

Brunch is a hardcore and important tradition of most North American cities, and Toronto certainly knows how to keep up. From Eggs Benedict to pancakes, crepes to shakshuka, this is your mid-morning go-to list. View the Best Brunch Restaurants in Toronto List.

For Something Cheap and Cheerful

More times than not, you’re just looking for something satisfying without breaking the bank. View the Best Cheap and Cheerful Toronto Eats List and see if any of these hit the spot.

For the Plant-Based

Toronto boasts many great plant-based restaurants that omnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike can enjoy. View the Best Plant-Based Restaurants in Toronto List.

For Toronto’s Best Pizza

This list may elicit some strong feelings and even political unrest, but this just happens to be my personal list of of Toronto’s Best Pizza. Open to having my mind changed!

Cardamon Bun

For a Proper Bakery

When you’re hoping for a really flaky-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside croissant or baked good, you simply don’t want to eat anything else. This is my list of Toronto’s Best Bakeries. (Coming Soon)

For Ice Cream and Gelato

This city has some of the best ice cream and gelato that you can sample all summer and never get tired. View the full list.


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