Toronto Restaurant Guide

A revolving door of the city's best restaurants

NOTICE: I have not updated these lists since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please support your local restaurants as much as you can, in a way that makes sense for you. I look forward to a day soon when these lists can be regularly updated again.

For a Nice Dinner

These Toronto restaurants are intimate birthday party and third date approved. View the full list.

For a Cup of Coffee

A list of my favourite coffeeshops in Toronto, based on so much more than just caffeine! View the full list.

For a Fun Dinner

Places where the food is important but the vibe is key. View the full list.

For Brunch

Brunch is hardcore tradition of the modern North American city, and Toronto certainly keeps up! View the full list

For Something Cheap and Cheerful

For those times you need something satisfying without breaking the bank. View the full list.

For the Vegetarians

Toronto boasts many great plant-based restaurants that omnivores and vegans alike can enjoy. View the full list.

For a Bar with Great Food

No one likes to drink without good snacks. These places put their cocktails and brews first, but the food ain’t bad either. View the full list.

Toronto unique restaurants

For a Unique Experience

From supper clubs to novelty pop ups, here’s my list of the most unique dining establishments in Toronto. View the full list.

For Quality Pizza

They have can the world as long as I can have my Italian pizza! View the full list.

For Ramen

Ramen culture in Toronto is thriving and these places should hit the spot. View the full list.

For Dessert

It’s hard to go out for only dessert these days, but there are definitely a few sweet spots. View the full list.

If you’re looking for the ultimate collection of the best Toronto restaurant guides, you have come to the right place. These lists are carefully vetted and are updated as frequently as possible, and sorted by categories that you are actually looking for. Please contact me to let me know if there’s a category you want to see next!

Last updated: November 2019