For Brunch

A hardcore tradition of any self-respecting North American city

Bruch is an institution in Toronto largely driven by neighbourhood. The chances of you dragging your butt to Leslieville from the West End to stand in an hour-long line at 11 AM are pretty slim.  Let’s face it–you’re probably going to head down the street to the place you always go. Then again, if you ever find yourself on someone’s else’s turf, here’s a list of places you should give a try, even if it’s just for another Eggs Benny. A good brunch place should provide something interesting, and be fun, without being stupid. Bonus points if they can manage an efficient and generally stress-free line. Average price between $18-25 a person (without mimosas).

Tried and True:

  1. Bar Buca: You can’t go wrong with any of Rob Gentile’s Bucas. You’ll have a great time.  
  2. Takht-e Tavoos: Persian bread and eggs, and some chai to go with it.
  3. La Cubana: It’s not about the brunch so much as it is about eating a giant plate of awesome paired with a side of fried plantains that makes this place a solid choice for “brunch”.
  4. The Tempered Room: Bertrand Alepée is a pastry genius and his French bakery has a fantastic selection of baked goods.
  5. Lil Baci: This serious Italian restaurant also takes their brunch pizzas seriously. Located in Davisville and Leslieville.
  6. Aunties and Uncles: Everyone loves the simplicity of this place and the breakfast burger is always on point.
  7. Emma’s Country Kitchen: Definitely not fancy, but they have been holding onto their classic breakfast items (and doughnuts) for many years, and are still going strong.
  8. Farmhouse Tavern: This country-chic establishment is more or less what people are usually looking for when they’re looking for a hearty brunch experience. 
  9. Saving Grace: The biggest problem with this place is that it’s almost impossible to get in with the small space and big lines, but the food is great. Their coffee is not as good as their food.
  10. Bonjour Brioche: When you’re in the mood for a simple pain au chocolat, this place will hit the spot.
  11. White Brick Kitchen: It’s chic and simple, and the food equally so.
  12. Lola’s Kitchen: Great options for vegetarians and the generally health-conscious who also enjoy an occasional mimosa.
  13. The Stockyards: Good for chicken and waffles and anything Southern.
  14. Smith: Although this place used to be my number 1, the scones have gotten a lot smaller and the fall of their sister restaurant House Maison has caused a bit of a decline in my love. However, their cute backyard patio makes up for so much. 

On my Radar:

  1. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen: I know it’s good, but it’s also quite far West and I’m going to have to find an excuse to visit soon.               
  2. Maha’s: “Food made 5000 years ago, served 5000 years later”. Can’t wait to visit this Egyptian brunch spot.

Note: Bareburger, The Saint Tavern, and L’Ouvrier are all now closed! So long, former favourite brunch spots.

Last Updated: October 27, 2017