For a Cup of Coffee or Two

Because it's so much more than just caffeine

You know what’s more important than dessert? Coffee. My criteria for a good coffeeshop would include having a respect for the beans, having various methods of preparing well-brewed coffees and espresso beverages, having a good tea selection, having excellent snacks and light meals, and all at a reasonable price point. This the best Toronto coffee in town. Average price between $5-10 per person.

Tried and True:

  1. Boxcar Social: This place epitomizes Toronto and its strong coffee scene. With locations in Rosedale, Temperance Street and Harbourfront, they upgrade every space they take over. Fully licensed with a fun menu as well.
  2. Neo Coffee Bar: This Japanese coffeeshop is so beautiful and so slick, it’s a great place to go to read your Monocle or Walrus magazine in your silk pants and fancy glasses. 
  3. Fahrenheit Coffee: The staff here are so friendly, you might think that there’s something in the coffee. But as you’ll soon learn, it’s just a really happy place with really great beans.
  4. De Mello Palheta: This is the place I usually stop in when I’m in the Yonge/Eg quadrant. They also have umbrellas all over the ceiling, so there’s that.
  5. Rooster Coffee House: This place is one of the best to hit up when you’re East of Yonge and looking for a fun, laid back place to read a book.
  6. Sam James Coffee Bar: There are multiple locations, but they do their brand well. I tend to end up at the one in the PATH, just like so many in the Financial District.
  7. Te Aro (Pilot Coffee Roasters): You can find Pilot Coffee in various locations, but Te Aro in Leslieville is still the heart of the operation.
  8. Dineen Coffee Co: It’s often too crowded, but this is still the best thing to happen to Queen and Temperance. 
  9. Dark Horse Espresso Bar: The Queen Street location is dark to study, but not too dark to have a nice little afternoon pick me up with a few friends. The Spadina location is my favourite.
  10. Jimmy’s Coffee: If you can handle the overly friendly vibes, you’re going to like it here.
  11. R2 (Rsquared) Coffee: Notwithstanding the annoyance of never being able to tell who is staff and who is a patron, this place makes one of my favourite cappuccinos. 
  12. The Common: This coffeeshop (there are two locations now) is so unpretentious, you might think that they’re putting on an act, but I’m (pretty) sure they’re not. Cash only.
  13. Manic Coffee: No wifi, but better for it.
  14. Balzac’s Coffee: The only reason they’re lower on this list is that they’re moving from independent to quasi-chain status, but they’re still great. 
  15. Early Bird Coffee and Kitchen: This place is great unless you’re afraid of Millenials in large groups.
  16. Versus Coffee: This fairly new coffeeshop has a great patio and a fun vibe near the Financial District.

Last updated: June 14, 2018