For a Unique Experience

Who doesn't love a little novelty?

There are some dining establishments that I’ll visit for the sheer novelty of the experience (hello, themed cafes in Asia). It helps when the food is good too, but that’s really beside the point. In fact, some of these places barely have food! In any case, here’s my list of Toronto’s most unique dining/drinking establishments.

Tried and True:

  1. Massimo Bruno’s Supper Club: As soon as you step into this Italian chef’s studio and cooking space, you’ll fall in love. Read my post to see what I mean.
  2. BarChef: This is one of my absolutely favourite bars in Toronto. Is a $30 molecular gastronomical cocktail called “Spring” served in a flower pot and poured over with pine-infused liquid nitrogen a bit pretentious? Sure. But it is incredible still.
  3. Lamesa: This Filipino restaurant might not be so exciting on a Wednesday, but their Sunday Kamayan dinners served on a banana leaf to be enjoyed without utensils is a whole lot of fun.
  4. The Addison’s Residence: When you walk into this “club”, it feels like you’re crashing a wealthy friend’s house party, complete with ping pong, giant Jenga, and giant checkers. It’s a great place for a summer evening out with friends.
  5. Chef & Somm Bespoke Dining: Chef Eyal Liebman and partner/Sommelière Rebecca Meïr-Liebman have a winning combination. Read about the awesome Chocolate Dinner I had with them one time.
  6. Snakes & Lattes: Their first location was so popular that they’ve now opened up a second (I prefer the College St location). They’re organized and helpful, and they have a solid cafe and casual fare menu that will accompany any board game well.
  7. Famous Last Words: One of my friends loves this booked-themed cafe/bar so much, she closed it down for her (delightful) engagement party. If literature and literature-themed cocktails tickle your fancy, you should consider a visit here.
  8. SPiN Toronto: It’s a ping pong club located in Toronto’s King West Club District, and it’s co-owned by Susan Sarandon. It’s very fun and surprisingly good food, but keep in mind that you are still coming to King West.
  9. O. Noir: If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to dine in complete darkness, you should come here. I wish the food was a bit more inventive, but it’s an experience I’ve done twice and thoroughly enjoyed.
  10. 360 Restaurant: I hate the price tag of a meal up here (you can expect to pay over $100 per person for “above average” Canadian dishes) but the dinner views from atop the CN Tower can’t be beaten.

Honourable Mentions:

  1. Track & Field Bar: I feel like every one of my friends has or knows someone who has a major stake in this sports-and-games themed bar. There are some legit snacks, but come for the drinks, fun and music. Don’t wear anything that’s dry clean only. 
  2. Medieval Times: You have to eat half a roasted chicken and garlic bread with your hands, but if you’re into horses, knights and a good ol’ fashioned joust, you’ll probably have a lot of fun here. 

On my Radar:

  1. The Lockhart: As a loyal Harry Potter fan, it is strange to admit that I still have yet to visit this place. 
  2. Sultan’s Tent Cafe Maroc: Have you ever been to Morocco? Well, I have, and this place looks nothing like it. They’re updated recently and I’m willing to give it a try.

Last updated: June 10, 2018