Twilight Tea


Prosecco: it’s not something you would expect to get at tea time, but with two tall, sparkly glasses of the good stuff before us, Kristina and I were ready to (daintily) devour a tower of treats at the Windsor Arms’ Twilight Tea. While brunch in Toronto has made daytime drinking appropriate at all sorts of new hours, dining establishments are still always looking for more occasions to incorporate drinking into different niche time periods. The Windsor Arms Hotel decided on this.

This is a perfect solution either for those who don’t have the luxury of an afternoon to spend at tea, or for those who really want an excuse to eat scones and petit fours for dinner.

Included in our $45/person cost ($50 during the Holiday Season) we received: scones with devon cream and jam, a selection of sandwiches, goat cheese and caramelized shallot tarts, mushroom and spinach quiche, a selection of petit fours, and of course, tea. The menu for Twilight Tea is basically the same as that for Afternoon Tea ($25/person), save for the fairly substantial quiches that are also served with the former.

More than anything else, I loved the selection of beautiful teapots that they had. Depending on your selection, they tend to pair certain teapots with your tea. For example, I chose the White Tip Oolong, which was served in a familiar looking Chinese pot, while Kristina’s Peppermint was served in a more European-looking pot. They have some wonderful teas that are also exclusive to the Windsor Arms that are worth a try. 



Final Note: The Windsor Arms is a very special place in the heart of Toronto that has a whole range of dining experiences. However, the Twilight Tea is truly unique. Whether its the soft music, the plush velvet seats or the delightful little parcels of food, this is a great spot to come to for a special occasion, or to create a special occasion around. With 24-hours notice, they can also prepare a gluten-free tea too.

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