The White Brick Kitchen

Once a little random nook that was often overlooked by most people on the way from one Korean restaurant to another, post-renovation and re-design, The White Brick Kitchen has quickly become one of the brunch spots in the Annex. The decor of this Southern comfort food restaurant all-American and nostalgic, but the vibe is clean and modern. Most notably, unlike some other similar establishments that are serving up comfort food, each of the seatings here actually look comfortable and well-thought out. None of those, “we can sit you now, but you’re going to have to sit at the (euphemism for awfully cramped and awkward) corner table, will that be okay?” situations that you might have encountered before. No sir, you will not find that here.

In fact, there is even a polite and well-regulated line out the door. In Toronto on a late Sunday morning, that’s how you know it’s legit. And with the smell of a little bit of fatty goodness and toasted bread coming from the open kitchen, all I can say is, welcome to the Brunch List, White Brick Kitchen.

Our server was great, and as gluten-intolerant Zandra said, she was most impressed that he immediately offered to swap out her toast with a side of their deceptively simple but perfectly balanced mixed green salad with grated pecorino to go with her order of the Classic ($9) without casting any judgment or even hesitation. The over easy eggs she requested were done very well (just the way she likes them too, according to her Chu Crew post!) and the sage provided a nice pronounced lemony bitterness to compliment the savoury-sweet pork sausage.

Without a minute of hesitation on my part (which is rare), I ordered the Scotch-ish Eggs ($10). Delicately battered and fried in a light and crispy panko shell, this is one of those brunch items that I will be thinking about for days to come. The slice of buttered baguette upon which the two perfectly soft-boiled eggs sat was also just soft enough to cut through with a serrated knife, and yet retained the crisp edges that it needed. The breakfast potatoes were also done with extreme care, each cube perfectly seasoned and cooked throughout. I was nothing short of immensely impressed.

Final Note: No frills, just good food. I am pleased to inform you that the White Brick Kitchen is now fully liquor licensed so you can get your boozy brunch on with a delicious mimosa, if that is what you so desire! 

[small]Please note: This post has been reformatted in 2018 to fit the blog but the content remains the same.[/small]

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