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So you have a craving for Italian food. Dilemma? Deciding whether to shell out 2+ hours and a lot of money for a nice sit-down dinner, or to pick up a boring, over-processed pizza. Levetto Restaurant is the new chain in Toronto that seeks to solve that problem. Led by Executive Chef Shahir Massoud, it’s a unique Italian restaurant that features restaurant quality Roman-style pizzas, fresh scratch-made pastas, and exciting salads—all at a take-out price point.

Last night, I had the chance to visit this new restaurant at their Media Preview at 68 Sudbury St. Even in a snowstorm, the restaurant was packed and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves (and the wine).
Not sure if you’ve heard of Levetto before? Well, if you’ve been keeping up with the Toronto restaurant political game, you may remember Levetto’s predecessor, Trambusto, a Mike Harris-backed chain that somehow got tossed about into a flurry of change and re-imagination. With some twists and turns along the way, the current model is a contemporary and easy-going product, that is sure to take off in this city, particularly with those who want a go-to restaurant for a nice no-effort weeknight dinner.
Lobster Tagliatelle with dill and peas.

The kitchen has the look and feel of a cute cafe, but the powerful ovens behind the crew will kindly remind you that it’s not just for looks, thank you very much. Each pizza is made to order, with fresh ingredients placed on top of their signature thick Roman-style crust. Don’t let the size deceive you though, the dough is airy and light, and has the lovely crunch on the bottom from being baked on a bed of good ol’ EVOO.

Some illy espresso cups reinforce the casual hybrid cafe environment. 

The Pollo Toscana pizza was great, but of all the pizzas, my faves were the Funghi and the Smoked Proscuitto (I know, I’m very predictable). Their pizzas come in three sizes ranging from $6.50 to $31. 

Chef Shair Massoud and his famous carbonara.

Given the nature of it being a chain restaurant, Levetto isn’t going to be that cool “hole in the wall” Italian restaurant that people will look forward to discovering. Instead, Levetto is going to be an unapologetic fast-food chain that happens to serve up amazing quality and provide excellent value and convenience for its customers.

If you’re in the mood and the neighbourhood, consider swinging by for their Liberty Village Grand Opening this weekend!

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